Thursday, May 8, 2008


So everyone keeps telling me I need to be keeping a blog. I'm supposed to be writing down the wonderful, loopy chaos that my life is on a daily basis. I haven't been doing this because, quite simply, I haven't felt like I have the time. But, well, what the heck. Lord knows I spend enough time sitting in front of the computer-- I might as well use it doing something productive.

So here's a little background info, and tomorrow we'll plunge right in.

I am Connor's mom.

So far, so good. Maybe this blogging stuff isn't so hard, right?
Anyway, Connor, in addition to being the cutest known being currently in existence, is also a special needs child. He was born with a genetic issue that, so far as we know, he's the only one in the world with, and has about 25 birth defects as a result. I spend a whole lot of time in doctor's offices as a result.
I'm also Jeremy's wife.
Jeremy is the awesome guy I was lucky enough to marry. In addition to making me the happiest woman on earth, he also made me a military spouse.

This will be a record of the daily craziness that is our lives.
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