Sunday, January 6, 2013

In Which We Hang Out Together

Yesterday morning we went out and found Ellen a swimming bag and an extra swimming suit for her practices.  Then we went down to the Asian grocery store and bought ingredients for yesterday night's dinner and also a rice cooker, which I suspect I'll be getting significant use out of. 

Then we tried out the walk to school.  Ellen's going to be walking home for at least the first few days, as her school and Connor's get out very close together in time and it's going to take me a little time to set up bus service for him.  Obviously Connor can't walk home.  I'm discovering that coordinating everything for two kids is a whole new ballgame.

She's had her ups and downs; we're definitely parenting a teenager!  She's used to living in a place with a ton of other children to play with all the time, so being home with only one other kid around is pretty weird for her.  But I think being in school and making some friends among her peers will really help.

She and Connor are getting along really well; he demands multiple Love Butts (his version of a kiss) from her at bedtime and seems to really like watching her during the day.  She's very gentle with him and it's obvious they already have a bond.  I had a wonderful time with my siblings growing up and am still very close to them, so it's great for me to see that she and Connor might have that sort of relationship. 

Today we'll be back to a very busy schedule, and then Monday the real fun will start.  Hopefully I'll be able to get everyone where they need to go!



A said...

Ellen seems like such a great girl, and hopefully she'll soon have a group of school- and teammates who appreciate her wonderfulness. I'm sure conversation with good friends will throw mastering English into high gear.

Kristin said...

does Ellen love cooking as much as you do? I hope so, cause that will be such an awesome bonding experience for y'all :)

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