Saturday, May 24, 2014

In Which Connor's Doing Well

Connor was moved up to the pediatric floor today!  He's doing much, much better.  We had a rough couple of days; the night before last was especially horrible.  He was having some seizures and GI track issues, and in quite a bit of pain.  Thankfully things seem to be evening out now, and he's been seizure-free for nearly two days now.  Hopefully his GI issues will be straightened out tonight, and we'll be able to get him eating tomorrow.  Once that happens, he'll be able to come home!

He'll be on quite a bit of pain medication, and he still has a lot of swelling and bruising from the surgery.  His surgical sites still look pretty good, though.  He won't have his follow-up appointment with orthopedics until six weeks post-operation, so he won't be out of the brace until then.  It's been interesting learning how to manage the brace, since it makes moving the kiddo pretty awkward.  We've got a system down now though, and we're able to shift him without causing him much pain at all.  At the moment we mostly double team things, but hopefully by the time Jeremy leaves, I'll have figured out how to do everything on my own.  We're working on getting a sling for Connor's lift that will work well with the brace.  That should help me out a lot.

In addition to Connor's improvement, something else good happened: Loki came back!  He showed up the night before last on the doorstep four days after he went missing-- filthy, dehydrated, a few pounds lighter and extremely hungry.  I suspect he might have gotten stuck in somebody's crawlspace and it took him a few days to get out.  He frantically demanded petting, walked stiff-legged to his food bowl, ate the entire thing, drank water for about five minutes, and then basically conked out in the middle of the kitchen floor.  I'm so, so glad he's back; I was pretty sure after the first couple of days that we would be seeing him again.  He's shown zero interest so far in escaping back outside, so maybe he's learned his lesson.  I wouldn't count on it, though-- he's our troublemaker.  Crazy cat.



Sarah said...

I'm thankful that your kitty came back and I'm thankful Connor is making progres healing. I'm hoping things stay on the up and up for y'all.

Lin said...

Glad to hear that Connor is doing better. Hope he can come home soon!

I am VERY happy to hear Loki came back. Sometimes you can deal with all the tough stuff, but it is that little thing like the cat disappearing that makes you snap. I'm guessing he got locked in somebody's shed or garage. That happened to our cat--she was missing for 7 days. She is scarred from that still and it was years ago. She would go outside, but would run in if she heard any noise at all.

Anonymous said...

So much good news in one post!!! :) Thank you for the update!!!!! Look forward to talking soon.

-j o'c

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all home and healing.
Family, kids, and cats. Praying for you.

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