Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yesterday, Connor and I got to babysit baby E again. That kid gets cuter every time I see her. Unfortunately she was a Very Sad baby this time, and cried for about 45 minutes before dropping off to sleep. This kid has a serious set of lungs.

Connor was much better this time about her being there and me holding her. He was very concerned about her crying, though I suspect that initially he just didn't like how loud she was being. He kept wincing and shaking his head no, and finally he pulled his hearing aids out.

Connor is generally very empathetic-- he used to cry when other little kids cried. When he first got his hearing aids, though, the noise sounded so different from what he was used to hearing that when a little one cried around him, he started laughing. Whoops. He eventually re-identified the sound, though. I think that his empathy in this case was tempered by the fact that this was the Stranger Baby and HIS Mother was the one doing the holding and comforting.

Our cat Cricket was absolutely frantic, however. This is the cat that becomes Very Concerned whenever I sing in the house. I think she's convinced I've been mortally wounded and am howling in pain. She always runs up and desperately throws herself at me to try and comfort me-- not a very flattering reaction, I'm afraid. She has a healthy respect for babies (after Connor kicked her in the nose on their first meeting) and normally stays far, far away from them, but she broke her own rule and followed me around the house, head butting my ankles and wailing sympathetically. It was a noisy household.

Baby E is still adorable, though.



gloria said...

Aw, I'm sorry. I suppose she was in a clingy-for-her-mama mood... not just plain clingy.

Connor's Mom said...

That's okay. Everybody has those days.

Don't worry. I'm not scared off babysitting. :)

Greymare said...

I find it hilarious that your cat is very concerned by your singing.

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