Monday, December 8, 2008

Loki Strikes Again

With the Christmas wreath safely ensconced in a neighbor's house and the nativity set proving unresponsive to his advances, Loki has resorted to extreme measures. I walked out in the living room yesterday to see this:

Loki apparently decided that his furniture needed rearranging. Since his furniture only comes in one piece, he had to do a little creative dismantling before he could begin the redecorating. After realizing that I would be less than pleased with this work, he decided to hide the evidence. He's staring at me as if to say-- "What? I always dress this way!" before lunging at the camera to provide a diversionary measure. Cricket, sitting in the other, harder to break kitty tower, offered up this long suffering expression from her usual bizarre meatloaf-like perch:

"See what I have to put up with?," she's saying.

Crazy cat.



Greymare said...

hahahahaha, your cat has no forelegs! and your other cat has no brain! (either that, or he's secretly possessed by a destructive alien species that doesn't understand much about humans...)

Connor's Mom said...

Doesn't that last statement pretty much describe cats in general?

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