Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In Which Connor Is Eight

Happy birthday, Connor!

It's been a busy couple of days around here!  Yesterday Eden had a friend over to spend the night for the first time ever, which was pretty awesome.  They spent some time engaged in the time-honored adolescent traditions of hanging out at the mall and the movie theater, and then they stayed up in Eden's room giggling and chattering away until past midnight.  I'm really glad that she's made such a good friend, and that they get along so well!

This morning after a bit of a rough start (I forgot to tell the night nurse that the kids were on spring break, and Connor was unappreciative when he was dressed for school and then discovered that he was not, in fact, actually going) we took off for downtown and favorite local coffee shop.  Connor wore his birthday hat proudly, and accepted everyone's birthday greetings with a regal air.  He worked his way through a decent amount of whipped cream while the rest of us ate a leisurely breakfast, and then he was presented with a candle-bedecked, freshly-baked cinnamon roll and serenaded by the staff.  He thought the icing was pretty tasty!

After that, we ran a couple of errands and while Connor had his quiet time, the girls (Eden's friend stayed on until early evening, which was nice) and I made his birthday lemon bars for the evening.  Connor isn't a huge fan of cake, but is madly in love with lemon curd, and I secretly love making the shortbread base for the bars because I get to squish up all the butter, flour and sugar for the cookies by hand and it's tremendous amounts of fun.  Once the bars were set out to cool, we took off for Connor's AFO casting-- not the most fun activity in the world for a birthday, but necessary all the same.

Connor picked out the colors for his new AFOs, and this time they're definitely going to be a bit more flashy!  He picked his usual blue-and-black foam for the bottoms, but chose a neon rainbow-colored strap.  He was so excited about the straps that when he saw them, he gave them a round of applause.  I'm glad he's taking more of an interest in picking out his own things out; we'll see if he still likes them when we see the finished product in a few weeks!

After that we went home, my parents came over with a delicious dinner in tow, and we all ate a hearty meal (or in Connor's case, his weight in lemon curd) and then Skyped with Jeremy while we sang the birthday song yet another time and then opened presents.

We ended the day snuggled up on the couch watching one of Connor's new movies.  Overall I think it was a pretty successful birthday or at least a tiring one; by halfway through the film I had Eden asleep with her head on my knee and Connor passed out on my shoulder.  I think snuggling with my kiddos at the end of the day was probably my favorite part.  I can't believe how big they're both getting!


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