Thursday, April 3, 2014

In Which We Spend A Day Out For Science

Today we spent the better portion of the day with a good friend and her kids down at the Pacific Science Center!  For the most part it was a great day and I really enjoyed getting to spend some time catching up with her, though Connor did up the drama by not only having a seizure on the highway going up to Seattle, but then giving us an encore in the elevator on the way up to the exhibits.  He ended up with some Diastat on board and dozed during most of the time we were there, including the butterfly house and the dinosaur exhibits, which are normally his favorites.  So that didn't make it the most successful post-birthday outing ever.  But he seemed to enjoy the little bit of it he saw while he was awake.  He especially liked the laser beams, because, well, how can you not enjoy laser beams?  I'm pretty sure not enjoying laser beams should be against the law.

Eden had a pretty good time; she especially enjoyed the butterfly house and the insects.  She did have some little kid-- probably around five or six years old-- walk up and kick her wheelchair out of nowhere, but I ratted him out to his mom so that was okay.  So take that as a warning, kids.  Kick my kid's wheelchair and I will totally tattle on you to your parents.  Humph.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the espionage special exhibit they had running; it's something I'd like to come back to with Jeremy when he's here visiting next month.  It would make a pretty interesting date night, I think.  That kind of thing is right up his alley.

We ate some passable-but-nothing-special Greek food at the food court just down the way from the PSC, and then got some fudge to take home.  We got caught in the usual glorious Seattle traffic though, and ended up not getting home until after seven, so I missed my choir practice.  It might have been for the best, though; Connor crashed pretty much the second I put him down in his bed, so it was probably good I didn't take him over to my parents' house.  I really hope he's not getting sick again; he just got over a bug and I would really like him to catch a break.

Other than the seizures, though, it was a good day!


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