Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Connor had a neurology appointment yesterday, which went pretty well. We upped his Keppra dosage because he's gained a little weight, and just talked about potential problems with Connors upcoming surgery. We can give his seizure medication by IV, so there shouldn't be too much trouble with breakthrough seizures or anything of that sort. The doctor was pretty impressed by Connor's standing and following of instructions, so that was nice. We always like to impress the doctors.

The little guy didn't sleep very well last night and was feeling kind of punky this morning, so we skipped our therapy session. He perked up in the afternoon and now I'm pretty sure he's not getting sick-- just feeling under the weather from lack of sleep.

I attempted to make all kinds of appointments today, with very little luck. I want to get all of his 3 year appointments out of the way before he actually turns three so I don't have to keep pulling him out of school. Unfortunately everyone seems to have decided to get sick at the same time I am making these appointments, so everything seems to be full. I'll just call at seven in the morning every morning for the next couple of weeks until I'm able to make all five of the important ones (Ophthalmology, Developmental, Primary Care, Cardiology, and his dentist). The others can wait. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

On a completely different topic: I'm wearing my new blue sweater today that I bought over the Christmas holidays. I love this sweater-- it's a gorgeous color and it's very soft and warm. The problem with it is twofold: it has a tendency to pill and Connor also loves it. Specifically, he loves to rub his face and hands all over it while I'm carrying him. The result looks sort of like if they made an episode of Sesame Street entitled Grover Discovers Nair. Connor is covered with patches of very short, very blue fuzz in unexpected places all over his face, hair and hands. Oh well.



Kierstyn said...

I love that you said he was feeling "punky". Too funny!! At first I thought you said, puky... like about to puke. :-) I'm such a mom.....

Love the sweater!

Julia said...

"Grover Discovers Nair" -- I'd tune in for that one! I LOVE your blog -- at turns hilarious, familiar, and deeply moving. What great writing! (I'm still laughing at the Grover line....)

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