Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Layout!

So I have a new blog layout, probably because Jer has the car today and I don't feel like cleaning. And believe me, the house definitely needs cleaning. Jer's getting ready to leave for training so every article of army gear he owns is in the middle of entryway, I just finished cleaning out Connor's closets and have yet to make it over to the recycling center or the thrift store, so there's a big pile of the stuff to take there in the middle of the living room floor, and I'm doing a bunch of laundry. I don't even have Connor to use as an excuse because he's not making any of the mess since he's not mobile. Lord only knows what the house would look like if he was. As it stands, his room is about the only clean one in the house.

We had a guy from the FBI stop by today. NOT FOR ME-- he was doing a background check on someone to give them higher security clearance. I haven't been up to any illegal shenanigans, I swear. Anyway, he took a look around my living room and asked us to what state we were moving. Ouch. Guess he thought we were packing and that's why the house was so messy.

Guess I'd better go do something about it now.


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