Sunday, December 1, 2013

In Which Connor Does Not Sleep

Yesterday Connor stayed up until four in the morning.  Then he woke up at six throwing up.  He threw up off and on until about eleven, and then he was not only fine, he was deliriously hyper in the way only a small child can be.  So he took no naps at all.  As a result, I have pretty much nothing to say because my brain is mush right now.

Off to bed!


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Anonymous said...

Re your tree-cutting post: Use a wooden shim (a piece of wood, etc. shaped like a shallow door-stop) to wedge under one side of your tree stand, so that the stand will be crooked but the tree will be straight. Or use more than one, a few inches apart, pointed inwards like pie slices, if one is unstable. No need to gradually drive yourself crazy with a Leaning Tower of Pisa tree!

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