Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Which Not Much Happens

Connor's been working in a walker for a while now at physical therapy, and while he started off doing really well, lately he's been pretty much refusing to do anything in it.  So we're probably going to back off of it for a while and focus on some other things.  It's frustrating to see him lose that motivation-- especially when I've seen him propel himself on his own for the very first time.  

So we'll put the walker away at PT and try something else for a while.  I hope that we'll eventually be able to go back to it and he'll have some renewed interest in the activity.  In the meantime, we're going to work on some rolling over and supporting himself with his hands for a couple of months, and see how that goes.

Sometimes it gets frustrating that he makes so little progress, but I figure as long as he's happy and we continue to work towards him being as healthy and as successful as he can be that we're doing just fine.

Eden spent pretty much the whole day working on school work; she stayed late for science and math tutoring and then came home and worked on English until dinner.  She was a bit overwhelmed with her book report, but she kept plugging away at it and finally got her rough draft done.  I'm pretty proud of her for sticking with it.  She told me today just how much she liked going to tutoring, which is pretty much a complete turn around for this kid.  

Hopefully as we get closer to the holidays her homework load will ease off a bit!


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Unknown said...

Jess... I have the same with my boys here that we start really motivated with an activity and then they give up and dislike is totally but if we leave it for a time the next time we do its new and loved again. I do the same as you by working on a side skill that will aid the walking later. I also vary what is done while in the walker... from bubbles, to slinky play, to chasing physio ball and going for walks outside. Its hit and miss on if we are keen or not but worth the effort as you say when they propel it or lift and place a foot.
As for frustration over slow progress I agree there also. I seek even the smallest successes like pulling tshirt down over head slightly or a bend of an elbow to reach out for something. He is a wonderful boy and Miss Eden being so studious is very impressive. Im pleased she values her education and leraning. Send her my love xx

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