Monday, November 24, 2008

So we had Connor's appointment with his General Surgeon (kind of an interesting name for a surgeon that specializes in abdominal organs, but that's the proper term) and outlined the plan for the next few months. Before any surgery can be scheduled, we need to make sure we're doing the right ones. Dr. Drugas wants to make sure that gastroesophageal reflux disease is the problem causing Connor's vomiting, and not gastroparesis, which can apparently be a problem in some children with chromosomal abnormalities and kids that have had a Ladd's Procedure done. If gastroparesis is the issue, instead of having a nissen surgery, Connor could end up having a pyloroplasty done along with the g-tube placement, and possibly all three surgeries. We also have to figure out what type of g-tube would be best for Connor. The good news is that the doctor thinks we might have a shot at doing the surgery laparoscopically if we aren't also doing the pyloroplasty. So we have a lot of tests to go to before we schedule the surgery.

Here's a quick outline of the tests we'll be doing and doctors we'll be seeing before the surgery:

Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study: This will be done to see if Connor is aspirating liquids or foods when he swallows.

Gastric Emptying Scan: This will be done to see whether or not Connor's food is staying too long in his stomach.

Upper Gastrointestinal Series: This will be done to see how food moves through Connor's system and where his intestines, stomach etc are placed.

Gastroenterology: We're going to throw yet another GI doc into the mix to schedule all of the above studies. We'll also be asking if it will be possible to do a study where we try and feed Connor with an NG tube at night to see if he doesn't need the other two surgeries-- just the g tube. I am NOT looking forward to attempting to put an NG tube down this kid and keep it in a few nights in a row.

Cardiology: We'll be seeing Connor's cardiologist to assure that his heart looks good and his heart condition will not have an effect on his surgery.

Neurology: Connor will be unable to take his usual medication for his seizures since it can't be given by IV, so we'll have to find another method of treatment during his surgery and recovery. Otherwise we could end up with breakthrough seizures, which no one wants.

Anesthesiology: We'll be headed here to let them know all of the crazy things Connor has going on so they can be prepared in case something happens during surgery.

Once all of this is finished, THEN we will head back to the General Surgeon with all of the results from the tests and other doctors' appointments, and THEN we will schedule the surgery at the meeting.

When the surgery takes place will depend entirely on how fast I can get these eight appointments taken care of. We have a very specific timeline, since we'll be in Texas the last half of December, Jer will be gone for training for a month and a half in early spring, and he will be leaving for Iraq in the summer. I'm not sure that I'll be able to cram all these appointments in before February, so it looks like late March or early April may be the time for us. I'm really hoping to get it done before April, which is when he starts preschool, but we'll just have to see what happens.

This is why Connor is my full-time job, people.



Greymare said...

Holy cow. You really aren't kidding about that whole time job thing...

I can definately see Connor being resistant to an NG tube.

Connor's Mom said...

I don't think it will exactly be his most favorite thing in the world. Unfortunately, we'll find out his reaction soon enough.

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