Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tooting My Own Horn

Remember how I said yesterday that it would probably be April before we could get Connor in for surgery? Well, that may not be entirely accurate. Why?

Because I am a scheduling fiend.

All of those hours I've spent with my ear glued to the phone, killing brain cells by listening to elevator music while on hold with appointment lines over the past few years have apparently paid off, because I can now work the hospital's systems like a pro. I managed to, within a one hour time period, schedule SIX of Connor's eight appointments in the appropriate order, and the latest one is-- get this-- January 20th. Not only that, but the only reason I couldn't get all of them into December is that we'll be gone for the entire second half of the month.
Here's Connor's schedule.

Friday November 28th-- that's THIS FRIDAY-- we have an upper GI study. The thought of getting any outpatient appointment at a major Children's hospital within three days makes me dance around the room emitting high pitched squealing noises.

December 4th is Connor's gastric emptying study.

December 15th, the day before we leave for Texas, Connor has his swallow study.

January 13th Connor goes in for his GI appointment.

January 20th Connor has his neurology appointment.

That leaves just cardio, who will be calling me back by Friday with an appointment time, and the last appointment with the general surgeon before Connor goes in.

So what if I forgot to stick the memory card in my camera at Jer's Order of The Spur ceremony and the camera started emiting very loud beeping noises and stopped taking pictures right before Jer stepped onto the stage? So what if I also forgot that I still had my giant fuzzy day-glo color striped toe-socks on from Connor's therapy session under my nice outfit and I sat in the front row? At least I can schedule six appointments with six different offices in the time between Connor's nutrition appointment today and Jer's ceremony, while feeding the little guy with one hand and typing e-mails with the other.

I am woman, hear me roar.



Our Pages said...

You crack me up!!! Hope we can get together when you guys come in. We will schedule a day to come and see you guys!!!

Connor's Mom said...

Thanks! I'll keep my datebook cleared for you. :)

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