Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yesterday Shinanegans

Yesterday was a relatively laid-back day. Connor and I hung out around the house until about 10:30, and then headed over to drop off some paperwork for his respite care at the EFMP office. This is when we got the news that the respite care program for the army is in danger of being dropped for lack of funding. Already they've cut the respite care workers saleries from 25-40 dollars an hour to 12.50 an hour in an effort to save the program, and are now considering severly cutting the number of hours available per month in an attempt to keep the program from going under entirely.

I can't emphasize enough how important this program is to our family. I intend to get more information and to begin writing letters to make our government aware of this problem. It is essential that this program continue. I'll let you all know as I get more information.

So after a stop at the office, we headed down to Anna's to pick her up. We headed off and ran some errands, grabbed a quick lunch, and then went to Connor's therapy. Connor used his braces to stand up on a swing-- fun times! Julie made us up some sign cards to use with Connor's switches, which is exciting.

Then it was off to Ross for some shoe shopping, and then to the bookstore so Connor could have a snack. Of course, I was unable to resist picking up a couple of books-- the next one in the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters for me (that woman writes addictive books) and Todd Parr's It's Okay To Be Different for Connor. It's a fantastic book for talking about tolerance and differences.

We're off to the GI doc's this afternoon for an initial appointment about Connor's g-tube. I'll let ya'll know how it goes!



Greymare said...

Ha, the new facebook is a pain. I'm betting you'll like the blog much better!

Glad to hear things are going reasonably well in the land of Connor, although I hope something can be done about the issue with the respite workers. : (

Ha, the "i-pod" comment is hysterical. Kids these days...

Randomly, you are the second one of my friends with kids to keep a blog. Is this the "new" thing for mothers to do?

No laughing at my posting name.

Connor's Mom said...

HAHAHAhahahaa....sorry. I don't think I would have any need for a blog if we hadn't moved approximately 2,129 miles from pretty much everyone we know. Since we did, though, keeping a blog is a lot easier than calling everyone to tell them what's going on. Not that I don't call everyone anyway or anything, but by the time I talk to everyone I've usually forgotten what I ate for breakfast that morning, let alone what we did during the week. This way, I have notes I can refer to. Since I'm relatively sure you're currently the only person who reads this thing, it's probably pretty ineffective as an information dissemination device, but oh well.

Who's the other friend? Kelsey?

Greymare said...

Nah, Lori K. keeps one too. It's fun, because she puts up photos and videos pretty regularly too. Hers is written from Chris's point of view though, which is sometimes quite hilarious. : )

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