Saturday, May 18, 2013

In Which We Get A Move On

Well that was a busy day yesterday! 

We all got the chance to sleep in a little bit because instead of heading to school, we were going to Connor's Special Sports Day.  Over 300 kids with special needs from around his school district participated.  Connor did the softball toss, the 50 meter race and the 100 meter race (which was more like 60 meters, but that's okay-- who's counting?).  Eden came along as Connor's racing partner, and she pushed his chair in the races and helped him throw the softballs.  It was pretty awesome, and the kids both had a blast.  Here's a photo of the two of them together after their first race-- Eden's face is obscured enough by her hair that I can post it.  My kids are adorable.

So Connor came home with some ribbons, which he was extremely proud of.  We ate some lunch, and then it was time for Eden to meet some of her extended family for the first time; they're up here visiting us for the weekend and exploring the area.  It's always great to have relatives in town!  So we got the chance to visit for a while, and then it was time for Eden's swim practice.  So we all drove down for that and watched the little miss practice for her upcoming swim meet. 

After that we came home, ate some dinner, put a very tired Connor to bed and then visited for just a bit with the other set of relatives that are in town this weekend.  And then Eden worked on her homework for a while on the computer before bed. 

 So basically we were on the move all day!



Pamela (Duncanville) said...

I love Eden's haircut. It looks like she has a lot of body in her hair and it falls just perfectly!

Congratulations to Connor on his field day ribbons. I'm sure field days there are much more fun than they ever were here in Texas, since they always seemed to be on a bright sunny, hot day!

Glad you're back on track with your blog. I understand why you were off for a while, but doesn't mean I liked it. ;)

Good luck to Eden on her upcoming swim meet. Both of my kids were on swim teams and they loved it.

Justin said...

So insightful Anonymous!

A said...

Both your kids are indeed adorable. Just beautiful!

Kathryn said...

Eden is so beautiful! I am sure Connor appreciated having Eden there to help him.

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