Friday, May 24, 2013

In Which I Get Some Sleep

We've had a few rocky days over here; our night nurse is currently on vacation so I've been holding down the fort alone.  Thankfully the agency sent us a sub for last night.  I got some wonderful sleep and am feeling like I can string coherent sentences together again.  So here I am!  The next time we'll have a night nurse will be Sunday, but since the kids will probably sleep in over the weekend things will probably work out a bit better than not having one during the week. 

Connor had a neurology appointment yesterday, and things went extremely well.  His neurologist is extremely pleased with how the little guy has been doing; not only has he been very responsive and alert in the past few weeks, but have his reflexes calmed down a lot-- a pretty concrete indication that his brain is doing well.  Connor's over his cold now, and he seems to be feeling really good; we haven't seen any seizures this week.

He's been expressing this by making a lot of noise.  I hadn't realized just how quiet he'd gotten until now, when he's constantly making some sort of sound.  He's also being a lot more obstinate, and he's using his hands more.  He figured out the other day that if he bangs on the top of his seat belt long enough it unbuckles, so that's been a bit exciting.  I'm torn between feeling happy that he's exploring his world, and exasperated because I have to keep pulling the car over to buckle him back up.  Whee!

Eden and Connor are off of school today and Monday, so we'll be doing some playing this weekend out and about.  We've got some more relatives coming into town too; it's been a busy month for us! 



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Thought this would be of help. You are an amazing mom.

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hope you all are doing good!! missing your updates!!


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