Sunday, May 12, 2013

In Which We Have Mother's Day

So we had an extremely quiet Mother's Day today.  This is because Connor decided to celebrate it by not sleeping at all.  Since he'd gotten up at four in the morning the day before, that means that as of right now I've gone about forty-two hours without sleep.  I think it's forty-two hours, anyway.  I'm not wonderful at math at the best of times, and my brain is kind of fuzzy at the corners at the moment. 

So we pretty much stayed home today.  We did make one quick trip to the grocery store for food after I took a micro-nap and chugged a ridiculous amount of coffee, but the grocery store is less than a mile from our house so I figured I could focus on the road long enough to get there and back without putting us in harm's way.  However, church and the breakfast out we'd planned to do didn't happen. 

But barring the sleep deprivation, the day was lovely.  The kids gave me some very sweet gifts for Mother's Day.  Connor brought home a bookmark from school with his picture on it, and Eden wrote me a card that made me tear up.  She made it out of lavender colored construction paper and covered it in rainbow colored hearts.  On the outside she printed "Happy Mother's Day" in her best handwriting. 

On the inside she taped a picture of me tossing Connor up in the air and wrote: 

Dear Mommy, 

Thank you for everything you do for us.  You always take time to take me swimming and take Connor and me to school and P.T.  We Love you so much!  

Eden and Connor

So that right there made it pretty much the best Mother's Day ever in the history of everything.  Who needs sleep?



Danelle Canales said...

Your blog needs a "like" button so we non-writers can show approval without commenting (FB has made me lazy).

I'm so glad your heart decided you missed blogging. I missed reading the stories of your adventures for sure!

I won't say too much b/c I'm not sure what the limits are on the blog vs. FB vs. private message, (for example I almost used your last name: "missed the ... adventures," but am not sure what's public and what's not) but I must tell you my heart just bursts when I read your stories about Eden. That girl has more people who love her around this country than she could EVER imagine. The fact that Connor approves and showers her w/Lovebutts makes her a keeper for sure, but she also seems so wise beyond her years and like she just knows the right things to say and do to make a great story - very much your child!

Congrats to Jeremy on his newest (revealed) endeavor. So different than the "first" Jeremy I remember, yet I still have so much respect for him. I noticed his absence but knew you'd fill us in in due time.

My 'comment' is turning into a novel... have a fabulous yet relaxing day. Much love and support from Texas!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jess!! Wow!! What an amazing card from an amazing kid!

-J O'C

Kristin said...

amazing card.

I've stopped blogging for awhile because I've realized that their stories are no longer "my" stories.

When they were itty bitty, it was so intertwined that all of their stories were mine but not they are not.

However, my 8 year old has decided that she going to join a roller derby league so that my inspire some writing soon.

K said...

Is Eden "Ellen"? Is that her real name?

Jess said...

K: Eden is "Ellen." And no, technically Eden isn't her real, legal name-- at least not yet. It's the American name she's chosen that may end up being her legal name in July if she chooses to change it. It's also the name she's requested to be called on the blog from now on. So Eden it is!

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