Saturday, February 2, 2013

In Which This Is More Of An Excuse Than A Blog Post

Hi!  Sorry!  We're okay!

I haven't been on the computer in about five days now.  Seriously, that's pretty crazy for someone as Internet addicted as me.  I PROMISE I will write an actual, honest-to-gosh blog this evening.  When we get back from the library, and the hair dresser, and Northwest Trek, and buying athletic shorts, and whatever else is on the queue for today.  I swear I thought this having two kids stuff would just mean driving twice as many places.  Ha.

But we're all okay, and things are crazy but good, and Connor is home, and I will blog about it tonight when I have a free second.  Those things are kind of few and far between right now.

Anyway, love you all to pieces.  Sorry to make you worry!


1 comment:

Julia said...

What's this "Connor is home" business? Did he end up in the hospital? Any information on the new seizures? I'm so glad Ellen is making friends and adjusting to American family and school life.

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