Thursday, February 7, 2013

In Which We're Headed To The Hospital

Connor had six seizures today, and enough is enough.  The neurologist would like Connor to have another EEG before he figures out which medication he'd like to change (or add), so we're going in for one tomorrow morning.  It's going to make for a pretty early morning, and it will be the first time since we arrived home that I haven't seen Ellen off to school.  I'm really wishing that Connor's seizures had waited a few more weeks before blowing up so we could have had more time to settle in.  Or even better-- a few more years.  Or never.

But it wasn't too be, so we'll figure things out.  Keep your fingers crossed that they'll capture an event during this EEG, or the next step is a 22 hour overnight study.  I'm so not ready to be away from my girl overnight yet, and I'm pretty sure she's not ready for that either.  But we'll do what we need to do if it comes to that.

Wish us luck tomorrow!



Fiona said...

Good luck Jess and Connor. And I am sure Ellen will miss you in the morning but also be fine - that girl sounds like a pretty tough kid.
Wishing you good results (if there is such a thing) and a calm morning.

Red Bull Dozer said...

Conner dear my wishes are with you and you our Mom!

Red Bull Dozer said...
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Julia said...

Good luck at the hospital -- not that I'm hoping for more seizures, but I hope they capture something informative. And that there's a relatively easy fix. I haven't been checking in as often lately, but it's been great getting caught up on life with Ellen.

Sammie said...

Hope they figure it out soon. So sorry this happend. I have been meaning to post that I am so gald how well things are gong for Elen and her adjument. Your a great Mom. Hoping things get back on track and they get those darned seizures to stop.

PinkLAM said...

Thinking of you and your family. I hope they are able to find a solution; I can only imagine how frustrating it is watching Connor go through so many seizures each day (and I'm sure he isn't too crazy about it either!)

Anonymous said...

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