Saturday, February 2, 2013

In Which We Have A Busy Week

So it's been an extremely busy week around here-- so busy I actually haven't been on the computer in a few days.  I was worried at the beginning of the week that Connor was getting sick, but he seems to be holding his own.  He's still having some seizures, but they haven't been as bad as they were before we upped his medication.  He's supposed to have a visit to the neurologist in March, and I'm sure they'll check his levels there and make sure that we're on track.  We're calling these new seizures his "revival seizures" because he looks like he's raising the roof at a prayer revival when he has them.  But thankfully his oxygen levels only dip down into the high sixties and low seventies while he's having one instead of the twenties like his previous seizures. 

We actually haven't seen any of those seizures since these new ones started; it's interesting how his seizures keep evolving-- and for the better.  We've gone from seizures where he stops breathing to seizures with severely restricted breathing to seizures where he breathes relatively well considering he's, you know, having a seizure.

Ellen has discovered the library and checked out her first movies and videos this week.  When we walked in for the first time she gave the interior of the building a wide-eyed look, grabbed my arm and exclaimed "Mommy, beautiful!" This is a kid after my own heart, can you tell?  Anyway, she's been checking out movies about dance and sports, and some easy reader books so we can practice her reading, which is coming along well.  She's definitely on Level One Easy Readers right now, but I think that will change quickly.

She's been settling in well and we're getting into a good routine.  She and Connor are getting along well too.  We're slowly exploring the area and figuring out all the fun places to go (besides the mall of course, which is already a favorite).  This weekend we tried the aquarium and Pike Place Market, but both were a bit too crowded for either of the kids to really have a good time.  We might hold off on some of the more touristy areas until we can go on a weekday in the summertime; hopefully they'd be less crowded than on a weekend during the school year. 

It seems like just about every waking moment for me is now filled up with things to do.  I'm doing a lot more laundry, dishes, etc (though I've got some help with those since our girl is a good washer) and we're going through groceries a lot faster.  I think she's making up for lost time; the kid is tiny so I have absolutely no idea where she is putting that much food!  I swear I've gained about ten pounds since she got home too; I'm used to kind of snacking through the whole day rather than having solid meals, and now I'm at least having breakfast and dinner and still snacking through the day.  Guess I need to kick that habit! 

Anyway, I'm going to try and write a blog a little more consistently; it's difficult for me to get into the swing of writing during the day.  Right now I literally have a kid looking over my shoulder (think she's wanting to get on the computer) so it's a bit harder for me to concentrate.  This is pretty typical of my day while both kids are home; alone time is kind of scarce around here right now.  I'm not sure what the best time to write it going to be!  But never fear; I'll work it out, gentle readers. 



Anonymous said...

For reading check out Cynthia rylant's high rise private eyes. I forget which level they are but they are near early readers. They have more plot going for them than most books at that level and have some subtle jokes woven in. I enjoyed them as much as my son did

Emthe said...

Glad to hear your busy was the good kind of busy. I think we all worry when you don't post for a week.

Anonymous said...

I've missed your blog posts! But yeah, going from one child to two is a lot harder than you can ever anticipate. Hope you and the family are well! :)

Julia O'C

dlefler said...

I love Ellen's response to the library. Libraries ARE beautiful - she's progressing so fast with learning to read English. I hope Connor's seizures slow down (and I'm glad that his O2 is staying up, at least). I hope you find more time to write - life gets hectic with 2 kids in the house!

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