Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In Which We Go Out In Style

Connor had five seizures today; this trend is not going in the right direction.  I'm waiting to hear back from the neurologist right now, and I'll be taking the little guy in to be weighed tomorrow morning.  It could be he's gained enough weight now that his medication needs adjusting.  It's frustrating to see him scared during these seizures and not be able to do anything besides comfort him; I'm really hoping we'll figure something out soon to get him back on track.

Despite all the seizures we still had a packed day, though.  Ellen went in late to school today because this morning she had her first ever dental appointment.  I'd uploaded a couple of books and games about the dentist to the iPad last week in preparation for the trip, and we spent some time talking about exactly what would happen, how the tools would sound, etc.  Since she knew what to expect she breezed through the appointment, though towards the end of it she was getting impatient because she wanted to get to school.

Thankfully her orphanage had a dental hygiene program and taught all the kids about brushing their teeth.  They also ate fairly well, though I believe she was a bit overly fond of soft drinks while she lived in Thailand.  She had no cavities, and though the enamel on her teeth is a bit thin overall things looked great-- especially when you consider she hadn't ever had a professional cleaning.  They removed all of the tarter and staining, and she walked out with teeth an entirely different color.  It's amazing how dramatic a change a good teeth cleaning can make!

So after her teeth cleaning we grabbed a quick meal and then I dropped her back off at school.  I had a precious few hours to myself, and then it was time for me to pick up Connor.  The kids shed their backpacks at home and ate a quick snack (Ellen) and meal (Connor), and then we took off for the hair salon.

Ellen was really, really excited about cutting her hair, and the closer we got to the appointment the more different she wanted the cut to be.  She's had the same chin-length bob since she was four years old, so changing her hair was a pretty big deal.  By the time we got to the salon she'd settled on an edgy asymmetrical pixie cut that fit her rock star personality.  I was a little worried that she would change her mind once the stylist actually got to work with the scissors, but thankfully she loved it.

So you know how I always say that Connor grows in hair cuts?  Turns out he's not the only kid in this household that does that.  Ellen's new haircut makes her dark eyes look huge and gives her a swan neck.  She looks about twenty-five and absolutely gorgeous.  I'm still debating on whether or not she's allowed to leave the house tomorrow looking like that; she was already a seriously attractive girl and the whiter teeth and new 'do have definitely upped the ante.  I'm so not ready to have boys knocking on our door.

After that we went to the library at Ellen's request for the third time in the past week, which I do not have a problem with at all.  And then we went to the store, and then we went home and collapsed on the couch in exhaustion.

It was quite the day! 



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