Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In Which It's Back To Business As Usual

It was so lovely to have Jeremy here for a few days!  We spent some special time together with the kids on Friday, Sunday evening and Monday, but Saturday and the first half of Sunday was just for the two of us. We drove up to Belfair, which is a little town on the Hood Canal, and stayed in a lovely B&B close to the north shore.   It's been a long, long time (really- over nineteen months) since we've had the opportunity to have a bit of a vacation as a couple instead of as parents, so it was really nice to get away!

But Jer's back in California now, and it will probably be May when we see him next, unless I can manage to find a way to sneak down there before then.  The kids are on their mid-winter break at the moment, so they're off of school and we're spending the next couple of days taking it easy here at home.  We would be out doing fun things outdoors, but it seems like the Pacific Northwest apparently saved all the rain of the entire winter for this week.  It's been coming down sideways out there most of the day.  

Connor was a bit clingy and sad yesterday and today; he's usually that way after Jeremy leaves.  I think the transitions are pretty tough on him.  Eden's gotten used to Jer coming and going, as he's been in school as long as she's been a part of the family.  It will be interesting to see how the adjustment goes once he's back at home for a good while.  It's nice to think that by this time next year I'll be waiting for him to come home from work rather than waiting for his next visit!


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