Sunday, February 2, 2014

In Which We Have A Pretty Good Day

Connor had a better day today, thankfully-- no seizures, and he seemed to be feeling pretty good.  Hopefully yesterday was a one-off and he isn't getting sick again or anything.  He did spend quite a bit of time napping on me both in church and later in the afternoon, so I'm a bit surprised that he actually went down to sleep tonight without a fuss.  Yesterday was definitely a strain on his system though, so that may be why he's wanting some extra nap time.  Either that or he's getting sick.  My vote is for the extra recovery nap time.  Keep your fingers crossed, people.

We didn't spend much time at home today; after church I dropped Eden and a friend off at the mall, and then once I picked them up we headed over to my parents' house to spend some quality time watching the Super Bowl and eating corn chowder.  I'm the first to admit that I'm not a huge football fan, but judging from the sheer number of fireworks and air horns I'm still hearing outside over four hours after the game ended though, I'm probably in the minority around here as far as that goes.  That's okay.  I enjoyed the game, and I also got to eat homemade corn chowder, which makes for a great night as far as I'm concerned.

I'm just really, really glad I'm not trying to drive around in Seattle right now.  From the videos my friends are posting, it looks like the zombie apocalypse up there right now, if the zombie apocalypse only affected people wearing blue and green and involved lots and lots of beer.

Hope everybody stays safe and has lots of fun!


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