Saturday, February 7, 2009

Connor Meets Clifford, The Big Signing Dog

Our local Barnes and Noble had their Valentine's day festivities for kids today, so we stopped by to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog. There were cookies, various Valentine's Day themed activities, and pictures with His Fuzziness himself. Unfortunately I didn't realize that they were doing story time as well, or I would have brought Connor's FM system with me. I did an okay job of interpreting, though I did notice that most of the kids spent the story time watching me and Connor rather than looking at the book. Guess we were a bit of a distraction.

Connor was rather in awe of Clifford. He is a huge fan of dogs-- any dogs-- and so I got the impression that if he could have figured out how to stuff that poor girl in a Clifford suit into the carry-on space under his wheelchair, he would have finagled it so we could bring her home with us. Clifford knew a little bit of SEE, which was a pleasant surprise, but Connor had a hard time understanding her. It's really hard to sign when you have paws instead of fingers.

After Clifford left the premises, we shopped for a bit and found some books (of course) and then sat in the coffee shop for a while. "Clifford," sans the big red suit, came and found us and gushed over how well behaved Connor was and how well he listened. Connor, who had been completely enamored with her before, didn't want anything to do with her now that she wasn't a giant fuzzy dog. Oh well.


Ellen said...

OK, that is just about the cutest photo ever!!!! I can only imagine how cute Connor must have looked in person.

I am sorry it took so long, I added you to my blogroll. I've been a little behind with that.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Connor's Mom said...

Thanks Ellen! Connor dressed for the occasion-- he wore his big fuzzy red suit too, complete with matching fuzzy red shoes.

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll too!

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