Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Got The Call!!!

I heard a terrific banging noise coming from the direction of my entryway today, and discovered Loki engaged in an epic battle. He was attempting to break his enemies "neck" by picking it up in his teeth and slamming it into the wall repeatedly. Then he'd throw it on the floor, bite it in the "neck," and kick it with his hind legs to "disembowel" it. See how diligently he defends me from his fierce and vicious foe?

This is why I will not be buying shoes from Neiman Marcus any time soon.

Crazy cat.

In other news, we heard back from Connor's cardiologist today! He was very courteous, listened carefully to all of Connor's symptoms, and said that because Connor wasn't experiencing any change in "state of mind" during the episodes-- no confusion, loss of consciousness, etc. that they probably weren't something we needed to worry about, but that he wanted us to come into the office tomorrow to get him checked out, and he wrote us in. He also gave us a way to reach him more directly if we ever came across another situation where we needed to get a hold of him. I'm relieved-- didn't think it was anything big, but it's nice to hear it from a doctor. A polite doctor.

For the folks at home, here's a picture of Connor's "happy" toes, and a picture of Connor's "Popsicle" toes-- or I should probably say "Popsicle foot," as the whole darn thing turns blue, along with his fingers and the skin around his mouth. The picture on the left was taken after he'd been exercising for a little while, and the one on the right was about five minutes later after a rest and the reemergence of the pink "happy foot." Dramatic, no?

Anyway, this will also be the last appointment we have to get out of the way before we can finally report back to the general surgeon to make Connor's g-tube appointment. This makes me very happy. I have Rocky Road ice cream to celebrate. Yum.



Eva Nichole said...

Connor is just adorable!!!
Thanks for leaving the comment on Eva's blog, the hippotherapy has done wonders for Eva, she LOVES it. I have heard some kids do not like it but its not like you are under contract at least at all the riding places by me I have never heard of anyone being stuck in it. I am sure you could talk to a local hippotherapy place and see if they would let you bring Connor in name just check things out and see what they can do for him, he would be with a PT and the place Eva goes to has a therapy room also so she spends sometime in there after riding the horse, some places also offer scholorships which you could ask, that is how Eva got started and she got the 1st 4 months for free, then we paided out of pocket, it is $55 per session but we did get and scholorship because we were about to stop just because me husband had lost $200 per paycheck with cut backs at work.
Good luck I hope you can find something that works for you.
Crystal and Eva

Julia O'C said...

A polite doctor? And he gave you an appointment in a reasonable amount of time? I would have to restrain myself from hugging him!!!

I hope you savored every bite of that ice-cream!

Special Needs Mom said...

May God bless you and your beautiful family. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for the giggle over the Nieman Marcus shoes. I needed that tonight!

Ellen said...

Hi. Your shoe story made me laugh, too.
You deserve that Rocky Road. I am glad the cardiologist was reassuring.
Those photos of Connor's toes are pretty dramatic.

Connor's Mom said...

Eva: I'll have to see what I can find this summer. Connor is in love with ponies, so he'd probably really enjoy it. Thanks!

Julia O'C: Connor's cardiologist is a pretty good guy. We're very happy we've got him. :)

Special Needs Mom: Thank you! I don't really feel like we're doing anything special-- we kind of muddle along just like everybody else. :)

Ellen: I am a big fan of the Rocky Road. Also Tin Roof. That stuff is sinful.

Mia said...

I'm so glad the doc gave you a better way to reach him and wrote you guys in. I'll have to read on and catch up to see what happened.

Crazy cat1

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