Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grow Connor Grow!

All right, I'm pretty sure the kiddo is going through a growth spurt. I should have recognized the signs-- he's had a couple before, and they usually start with him waking up in the middle of the night convinced he's starving.

My child, who it's usually a struggle to get any food into at all, had somewhere around 1800 calories today. This is a ridiculous amount of food for a kid his size, but since he's not exactly in danger of becoming overweight any time soon, I rolled with it. Any little extra fat pads we can squeeze onto those skinny thighs in between the times that he goes on hunger strike are great. I mean, the kid is almost three and he weighs a grand total of 22 pounds. I think sumo wrestler is not going to be a good career choice for him.

Other than being ravenous, he was pretty quiet and rather grumpy most of the day-- which was pretty much the mood I was in too. I like my sleep. He lasted longer than I thought he would, though-- the grand meltdown in which Connor announced that he had Had Enough occurred at about 4:30 in the afternoon, after he'd fallen asleep in the car and I had to wake him up to take him inside. I fed him his dinner and he was conked out by 5:30. Bliss.

I then took a ridiculously long bubble bath, had a cup of tea, read for a little bit, and turned out the light at the pitifully early hour of 7:30, only to be awakened at 8:30 by what sounded like an air raid siren going off in Connor's room. Connor was Not Pleased, and he was using every square inch of his lung capacity to tell me so.

Guess what he wanted?



Lin said...

They are such angels when they are asleep, aren't they? No wonder he's pooped, staying up for all hours! Ugh.

I love his little nose in this photo. :)

Connor's Mom said...

He does have the cutest little button nose, doesn't he? :)

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