Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bragging Rights

I am married to what might just possibly be the sweetest man in the universe.

That's right, ladies. Sorry to brag here, but you will all just have to settle for whatever leftover men you can scrounge up, because I got the best one.

I was in a very bad mood yesterday, after having had a really bad weekend that involved a bout of stomach flu and in which I spent a good portion of the time lying in bed with Connor on one side and a bucket on the other. So I was grumbling to myself and trying to do something about the horrendous mess that had taken over the house when the doorbell rang. There was a package addressed to me from Jeremy.

Despite being out in the field and far, far away from anything resembling civilization at the moment, my husband sent me chocolates for Valentine's day. Chocolate covered ginger, to be exact. From Fran's-- which just happens to be my favorite chocolatier in the whole world for reasons of extreme deliciousness. I would share if I hadn't already eaten it all, but...wait, no I wouldn't. Get your own.

Did I mention he bakes fresh bread for us every week? Also he doesn't mind changing a diaper at 2 o'clock in the morning. Also he gives foot rubs. Also he can have a really, really long day at work and then listen to me talk for twenty-five uninterrupted minutes in the car on the way home about dryer lint and he actually pays attention. The man isn't just a great husband and a fantastic father; he's probably a candidate for sainthood.

I miss him.



Shannie said...

Jer is a great guy, a good husband, and an awesome father! You are a very lucky woman.

Does this mean I can blame you for all the losers I go out with, since you got the last good one out there?

Connor's Mom said...

I know, I am lucky, aren't I? He says he's the lucky one, but we all know better. ;)

I didn't get the last GOOD one, I just got the BEST one. So I'm sure if you keep plugging away you'll find one that's almost, but not quite, as good as Jer. Feel free to blame whatever you want on me, however, up to and including loser boyfriends, global warming, and the current economic crisis. I'm probably at least indirectly responsible, since all of it is no doubt due to the nefarious plotting of my cat.

Crazy cat.

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