Sunday, February 15, 2009

In Which I Feel Sorry For Myself For Being Alone On Valentine's Day, Despite My Husband Sending Me Yummy Things

So the potluck went pretty well, as well as anything that's meant to be a replacement for a romantic dinner with your husband can go, anyway. The deviled eggs were a big hit-- I made half plain and half with smoked salmon and green onions. They disappeared pretty quickly.

I did manage to stop by Target today to indulge in my personal favorite holiday-- Half-Price Chocolate Day. I've eaten entirely too much chocolate this evening than is good for me, but oh well. I figure since I won't be getting a real Valentine's day next year either I'm entitled to indulge. He's going to miss my birthday, too. Poor me.

But enough whining: back to the potluck. Connor's friend C was there. C is six and he loves to make Connor laugh. He does this by pretending to hit himself in the head and then throwing himself on the floor. Connor thinks it's hilarious. Boys.

We left after about an hour-- Connor started saying "All done" about forty-five minutes in, and then he proceeded to wave "bye bye" to everyone before looking at me expectantly. I can't say I blame him-- the party was indoors in a room sort of like a high school cafeteria, and the acoustics were terrible. Add about 15 children with high-pitched, very loud voices into the mix and with all the echoes it was probably impossible for him to make out anything anyone was saying. He pulled his hearing aids out about five minutes in. I was trying to interpret for him, but it was hard to do-- everyone talks so fast and when there's four or five people involved in the conversation I just can't keep up. I didn't want to push him, so we went home.

Today Connor and I went out to lunch with some friends and then headed off to sign study group. Connor acted kind of like he wasn't feeling very good-- he was really, really quiet today and clingy. He didn't eat very well. He also asked for his daddy repeatedly. I don't know if he's just missing his daddy or if he's feeling poorly, but we'll take it super, super easy tomorrow. I still haven't heard anything from Connor's cardiologist-- and I don't expect to hear anything tomorrow as it's a holiday, but I'll keep a really close eye on him and call first thing Tuesday morning.



maurylorraine said...

I, too, celebrated Half-Price Chocolate Day today (or I suppose yesterday). It is perhaps the holiday I look forward to most all year, with the possible exception of Christmas. Maybe.

Julia O'C said...

Sorry your husband couldn't be with you on Valentine's Day. I'm also sorry that Connor isn't feeling like himself. I hope things get better very soon!!

Connor's Mom said...

Mary: I saw that ridiculous picture of you with the mountain of chocolate. I wondered why the shelves were mostly cleared out at my Target. I should have known it was you.

Julia O'C: Thanks! Hopefully we'll be able to get in to see the doctor tomorrow. :)

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