Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Which I Leave A Huge List of Things to be Done at the Last Possible Minute

I'll be getting on a plane tomorrow and as usual I still have about 8,000 things to do that I left until the last minute, but I had to post and share two quick things.

1) Connor had a doctor's appointment yesterday in which the pediatrician determined that there might be an weensy amount of fluid in Connor's right ear, but she wasn't sure. There was definitely no ear infection or any irritation. This means it's looking more likely that there's something going on with his hearing. Crapola.

2) Connor and Loki like to play racing cars together. Connor makes the cars go, and Loki swats them off the road. Connor thinks this is hilarious, but it drives me crazy because I'm the one who has to put them back on the "road" every time Loki bats them off, which is once every thirty seconds. This does not help me pack. I tried shutting Loki out of the room, but Connor refused to play with his cars until I let the cat back in. My kid really needs a sibling to play with.

We'll see you all in Texas!



Ellen said...

Oh, I hope that fluid is nothing serious.... Good luck on the trip!

Loki is too cute!

Mary Lorraine said...

I can't wait to see my siiiiisteeeeeer! =D

*Tasha* said...

I'm Tasha. I'm actually a Washington resident too (hooray!). I'm 19 and go to the UW. I'm majoring in community-environment relations and public health.

I was also born profoundly deaf in both ears.

I'm pretty curious, how come you don't get your son implanted (cochlear implants)? He sounds VERY intelligent and as though he'd benefit. I know he has a lot of medical issues, but CIs have been proven to work really well. There's a great blog community online for ci-kids.

I got my first CI this year, and my one and only greatest regret is that my parents didn't implant me with it when I was your son's age. It's hard to get used to loudness but after the first three weeks or so, you really do adjust. Your son sounds like he'd pick it up very quickly.

I'm curious! :)

Also, I've been reading your wonderful site for awhile, but couldn't comment because my phone wouldn't let me!

Connor's Mom said...

Ellen: Thanks! The fluid shouldn't be anything serious-- I'm actually sort of wishing he had more of it in there, as it would give us an explanation for why he keeps pulling that hearing aid out and saying that he can't hear out of that ear. It's kind of silly to be wishing one bad thing on my son so its not a worse bad thing, but oh well. We mothers do that sort of thing.

Mary: Yay siiiisteeeeer! There will be much making of chocolate truffles.

Tasha: Hi! I left a post for you on my blog about CIs. The short of it is that he's not a candidate, but we'd consider them for future kids.

Is there a way to make the site more phone comment friendly? Let me know if there is and I'll change it!

Okay. Time to get off the computer and back to frantic last-minute packing.


Julia O'C said...

I'm late to the party (again). I hope you have a safe, uneventful flight and a wonderful time in Texas!

Lin said...

Hey, Jess! Have a great time! Hope Connor is okay. :)

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