Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Which Connor Feels Under The Weather

Jeremy's been feeling a little poorly for the last couple of days; we originally thought it was something he ate, but changed our minds and concluded it might be a stomach bug when Connor started getting progressively crabbier this afternoon.  By evening the little guy was throwing most of his food up, and he went to bed super early.  So we'll have to see how he feels tomorrow, but the odds are pretty good he's getting sick.  Hopefully my parents won't catch it before they leave-- it's always miserable to be sick on a plane (not to mention the fact that you're "sharing" with all of the other passengers) but it's particularly miserable to be sick with a stomach bug on a plane.  Particularly if there's turbulence.

Everybody other than Connor and Jer had a pretty good day, though.  It was absolutely beautiful outside, and we got a ton of yard work done-- especially since our neighbors (who are awesome) not only offered to take all our yard waste to the landfill for us, but they ripped out a couple of dead bushes for me and, best of all, about fifteen more feet of my ivy!  Then they loaded it all in their truck and hauled it off for us.  Now those are some great neighbors. 

I'm telling you, we live in the best town ever.


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leah said...

I hope everyone else avoids the tummy bug. I recently read that RyanAir (European low-cost airline) is going to install coin operated toilets on their jets. Might increase revenue, but woe to the flight full of ill people who lack quarters!

Get well soon, Connor!

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