Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Which Connor Has A Seizure At School

Well, we had another first today.  Connor had a seizure at school.

This has been one of my hope-it-never-happens scenarios for a while (kind of like the one where he seizes while I'm driving), not because I think that the teachers and staff at school can't take care of it, but because it's one of the very few times when Connor might have a seizure and someone other than me or a bunch of trained medical personnel would be the ones handling the situation.  It's hard to tell how people will react in an emergency until one is actually happening, and it's not exactly the sort of thing you want to, you know, test out.

I'm happy to say that Connor's teacher, paraeducators and the rest of the staff did an excellent job-- one person took charge of the other kids and whisked them off to another room, while another called 911 and Connor's teacher performed mouth-to-mouth on the little guy.  I was called immediately and barely beat the paramedics there (we live really, really close, okay?  I swear I was not driving at 800 miles an hour) and by the time I got to the classroom he was breathing on his own again: irritable and nauseous, but otherwise fine.  Apparently the whole seizure only lasted about a minute, which was probably more than long enough for everyone involved.  Since the seizure was over and he was doing okay I took him home, where he napped for the next four hours and then woke up laughing, smiling and ready to play again, with no apparent ill effects.

I called the neurologist again as this is the second seizure Connor has had in the past two months, and so we're going in tomorrow afternoon to get his medication levels checked and to get an idea of how to proceed.  We'll also be meeting with the school staff tomorrow morning to talk about how things went and see if there are any improvements we can make to Connor's emergency action plan.  I'm still thanking my lucky stars we moved to the Puyallup school district-- they have been nothing short of fantastic, and the events of today confirm yet again that the decision we made was the right one. 

This is one of those things that I'd hoped would never happen, but in some ways it's a load off my mind because now I know that Connor's school can handle him having a seizure there rather than just being pretty sure that they could handle one.  So that's a good thing, though I'm sure that the school district and I would both prefer him to not have any more there again (or anywhere else, for that matter). 

So we've reached our excitement quota for the month.  I'm hoping the rest of April is extremely boring.



GB's Mom said...

Here's to boredom! I am glad he is OK.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Oh no! I am so glad that he is OK and that the teachers handled the situation well. I am sure it gives you some relief (some). Praying all goes well with the neuro doc and you are able to make some good decisions for Connor.

Julia said...

Like you said, there's a silver lining -- you can have that much more confidence in the staff, based on actual (if highly regrettable) experience. I'm glad he's okay now, but I'm very sorry about the stress and anxiety for everyone involved.

leah said...

I wish you much boredom for the rest of April- you certainly deserve some rest from all this "excitement." Thank goodness Connor's school staff is so wonderful!

I'm saying a few prayers that his neurologist can get things under control again.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh how I would love for the rest of the month to be boring...

Sorry this happened, but hurray for the school staff.

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