Friday, April 9, 2010

In Which Connor Has A Parade

Tomorrow is the annual Daffodil Parade, which is a major event in the local area-- the parade has over a hundred entries every year and actually travels through four local cities in one day.  Many of the schools in the area participate, including the marching band of our local junior high schools.  They decided to practice for the big event by marching through our neighborhood today, and apparently paraded past our house twice, playing at full volume.  While Jeremy and I missed it, Connor was here with his respite care worker, and when the band passed they dashed outside to watch.

Connor was convinced that they were holding a parade just for him.  He loved it.

Apparently he was really, really into the music-- throwing himself from side to side in Joanna's arms, giggling, and grinning from ear to ear.  The music was loud enough that he could hear it even without his hearing aids in (the first time they came by he had just woken up from a nap and so ended up outside sans both hearing aids and pants) and he was completely enthralled.  The band members seemed to enjoy the enthusiastic audience-- several of them apparently waved to him.

So we'll be attending the Daffodil Parade tomorrow, and we'll be cheering loudest for Connor's marching band!  Perhaps we can convince them to come down our street and give us a performance about once a week from now on, as he enjoyed his private parade so much. 

I'm sure the neighbors won't mind.



Mary said...

Reminds me of hearing the Berkner marching band practice down the street every morning when I was a wee one. I don't remember being quite so excited... but maybe I would have been if they had paraded down our street just for me!

Anonymous said...

Jessie, I actually was driving by your house when the band came thru yesterday and got to meet Joanna! :-) I yelled hello to her thinking she was you! Anyway, Ferrucci, the band that came by your house, is going to be the LAST!!!! band/entry in the parade! They are #135 out of #135! My daughter Amanda is in it! Look for her to left of the drummer playing the "quads" -- she'll be playing clarinet! I had her read your blog today -- she got a real kick out of it! :-) Kelly Carrick

Karelle Photography said...

I LOOOOVE daffodils. How fun that y'all have a parade for that?

By the way, a few weeks ago I read part of your blog to my friend, the one about the game you and Jeremy play where you argue in public. We could NOT stop laughing about it - it's so random and odd!! I'd love to watch people's reactions.

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