Friday, April 30, 2010

In Which We Look Better Than Life

Check out these gorgeous pictures!  Kat and Justin, the photographers behind Persimmon Images, did an awesome job, and we're really happy with these shots-- not to mention the 50 some odd more that aren't posted here.  We are not exactly the easiest family in the world to photograph, so that makes these pics especially great.

Take Connor, for example.  I mean sure, the kid is unbelievably cute, which makes things a little easier.  But he also drools a ton, sticks his fingers in his mouth, refuses to look at the camera or smile, self-stims by flapping his arms a lot, and since he doesn't stand on his own is a challenge to pose.  Then we have Jer, who was switching between crutches and a wheelchair at the time and tends to do that cheesy-smile thing for the camera. 

Finally there's me; not only do I wrinkle my nose up when I smile, but when I laugh I throw my head back and so there are no doubt a ton of rejected pictures of shots that would have otherwise been great if I wasn't showing off my nostril hair.  This laugh is a family trait that both me and my sister inherited (Tom, do you do this too?), so it's not going anywhere any time soon.  And because I was having a great time despite the bad weather, and also because Kat and Justin are both hilarious, I was laughing a lot.  The fact that they still managed to get seventy five absolutely awesome shots of us is a testament to what fantastic photographers they really are. 

You should check out some of their other photo shoots, where they had models that, you know, cooperated.  Amazing stuff.  Because they are totally awesome, you should also look for them in October at this year's Get Hitched, Give Hope; where they and a whole bunch of other bridal vendors will be raising money for end-stage cancer patients.  Future brides take note!

At any rate, enjoy the eye candy! 



Julia O'C said...

Aw, Jessie, these pictures are awesome!! What a gorgeous family!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Great pics! Love the way you look in that dress.

And Connor with his fingers in his mouth... it's adorable. That's what he does, right?


Tom said...

I am not prone to the head laugh, but I do have a tendancy to show my teeth like I am going to follow up a hearty laugh with a canabalistic assault.

Anonymous said...

You guys look so good!! Conner is a natural little model :-)


Jennifer Jayhawk said...

Gorgeous pictures. Beautiful dress.

Connor is adorable and photogenic. Love his smile and long blonde hair (do not cut it short!).

I landed on your blog last weekend and could not stop reading. You are an amazing Mom and Wife. You are my hero :)

I love your writing. I feel like I am in the moments with you. I have cried and laughed.

I would love to see more pictures of your garden area!!!

Jess said...

Thanks, everybody!

Ah yes, Tom. The I'm Going To Eat Everybody grin-- how could I forget? You sure you're related to me and not to Connor's gerbil?

Jennifer, I just might have to post more pics of the garden-- but they'll be closeups only, as I'm not really comfortable with posting pictures of the outside of our house on the Internet. You know, general safety and all. Thanks for finding me and commenting, though I'm afraid you're too late; Connor's hair is already cut short. Sadness.


Julia said...

Great pics!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Great photos! They did a fantastic job! Connor just melts my heart! That smile is adorable!

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