Monday, April 12, 2010

In Which Our Cats Are Crazy

I've been planting out my backyard garden, which has been lovely.  I always enjoy putting green things in the ground, and I feel like I'm really accomplishing something.  I've spent the last couple of days putting in my herb garden-- something that's pretty important for us given the amount of cooking that we do.  The weather has been sunny and warm, and it's been so nice to get outside.

Apparently Loki thinks being outside is a great idea, too.  He's been taking every opportunity to dash out whatever door is available.  Since Loki and Cricket are indoor-only cats, I'm not really enamored with this new habit of his.  So I now have a spray bottle posted just outside each of our exterior doors, and I end up cracking open the door and peering inside, finger on the trigger, whenever I come back from a grocery run.  Loki has yet to get the idea, but I'm hoping that repeatedly getting sprayed in the nose when he charges the door will eventually make him stop.  Wish me luck.

Cricket has no desire to explore the great wide outdoors, but she has left little kitty nose marks all over my highest windows.  When she sits in the right hand window near our fireplace (about twelve feet up in the air), she can get down herself with no problems.  When she sits in the left hand one she apparently loses all ability to get herself down and meows pitifully until I climb up on a window seat and rescue her.

Crazy cats.



Julia O'C said...

I envy you your kitty nose prints.

Jess said...

You are MORE than welcome to come clean them off for me.

Terena said...

are there any other cats than crazy cats?

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