Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Seizure-- Please Keep Connor In Your Prayers

I had intended to write a cheery little post today about how our cats, Loki and Cricket, have been helping us in our moving efforts. Late this afternoon I'd gone so far as to get the camera prepared, and I took one picture-- this one-- of Loki "helping" me organize our DVDs. Then I looked over at Connor, who had been sitting in his chair playing, and saw he was unconscious, limp and blue.

He was having another seizure.

Jer got Connor's oxygen ready while I worked on getting him breathing again. This seizure lasted about a minute and ten seconds or so-- at least what I caught of it. I'm not sure how long he wasn't breathing before I looked over, but it couldn't have been very long. He came out of it just fine; he didn't even go to sleep afterwards, and was pretty cheery for the rest of the day, so that's a blessing.

This seizure comes only five days after his last one, and after we upped his medication again, so that's very worrisome. They seem to be getting longer and closer together. They seem thus far to be following the pattern that happened last spring before we figured out what was going on: a pattern that culminated in a five day stay in the ICU and fourteen seizures during that period. He has to be resuscitated during each seizure.

We already have a neurologist appointment scheduled for Wednesday, so we'll discuss treatment options then.Please keep the little guy in your thoughts and prayers this week as we try to get his seizures back under control.



gloria said...

Oh Connor. I hope you're feeling better soon. And when Elayna gets rid of whatever it is she has, we can all go out stroller skating or something.

Sweet Lorraine said...

:( Connor's very much in our thoughts here. Love you all.

Julia O'C said...

Oh, no. Connor (and all of you) are in our prayers. I'm so sorry that this is happening.

Julia said...

Not good. Not good at all. Give him my love. I'll be thinking of all of you. I hope you can resolve this so you can all have that stroller skating date soon.

AshleyS said...

can I just say seizures suck????

Praying you find a treatment/med that works!!!

Greymare said...

Ya'll are n my prayers.

leah said...

Oh, goodness. You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

The poor little guy.. I'm sure he'll get through it!


Lin said...

Sending you all love.

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