Wednesday, May 6, 2009


See how helpful my cats are? They personally inspect each and every item as I attempt to move it out of the house.

Speaking of cats: I'll be holding a press conference soon, as I've solved one of the greatest physics paradoxes of all time. I have discovered once and for all what happens to Schrödinger's cat. When you close the box, instead of remaining in a dead-and-alive state, he disappears and rematerializes in my new kitchen.

When I drove to the apartment today, my upstairs neighbor appeared on the balcony. We'd talked about the mysterious origins of my uninvited guest yesterday. Apparently she's a softer touch than I am.

"Have you seen the cat today?" she asked me anxiously. "I went out and got him some food and a brush and everything but I haven't seen him at all. I've been watching for him for hours!" I looked up and down the apartment complex, which is completely devoid of structures with spaces underneath them, unpruned shrubs, or anything a cat could possibly be hiding under. I even bent down and glanced under the cars. No cat was
to be found.

I told her I hadn't seen him, but then I hadn't been at the apartment all day either. I then went inside with my load of things, leaving the screen door open. When I came back from the back bedroom thirty seconds later, the cat was sitting in my kitchen, casually washing himself as if this was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary and he hadn't just instantly reassembled himself from billions of tiny particles. Possibly my opening the screen door causes this; perhaps it triggers a dimensional portal. Getting out the can opener might have the same effect-- remind me to experiment.

I took the fuzzy interdimensional traveler upstairs to my neighbor. When I left the apartment she was still up there cooing over him while he stuffed himself. If he's smart he'll start materializing up there instead.

In other news, Connor had his neurology appointment today. As expected, his doctor bumped up his medication dosage. He's almost (but not quite) at the maximum dosage for his weight of this medicine, so if he has more seizures any time in the near future we may have to try switching to another medicine. Also discovered today was the fact that Keppra, the medicine he is currently on, is apparently cleared through the kidneys, and now the doctor is worried that if Connor's kidney function is less than stellar that it could be building up in there. Since Keppra overdoses can put you in a coma, this would not be so good. I still haven't heard from the urologist, and I'm assuming that if Connor's kidney was in some sort of dire state we would have heard back by now, but at any rate we'll go in on Monday and have Connor's blood checked to see what his Keppra levels look like. Sounds like a job for evil, evil Mommy, who is always there when they're sticking him for something. Oh well.



J. said...

I am loving this cat, he has it all worked out, why have one home when you can have 2, we used to have a cat that lived in 2 houses and we all fed him - he was huge and it was years before we figured it out.
I'll cross my fingers for the meds to work - poor lil guy.

Julia O'C said...

Will your little guy have to have an EEG as well, or just an increase in the medication? I hope it works and that his kidney is able to handle it.

[side note: I, too, am the one that's always there for shots/blood tests. Why the children aren't terrified of me is a mystery.]

gloria said...

Have the doctors been monitoring Connor's kidney(s) or is this something they just remembered to check?

If you need a break from doctors and moving, and the sun is out (or at least it's not raining), let me know and we'd love to go on a little walk.

Julia said...

Okay, here's a theory. On the quantum level, cats and anticats are always spontaneously popping into existence and subsequently annihilating each other, so that macroscopically there is conservation of cats. However, occasionally, when subject to a powerful gravitational force (is there a black hole in your new kitchen?), the cat-anticat pair are separated and the cat persists in existing long enough for you to perceive it.

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