Friday, May 8, 2009


We spent most of today hauling loads to the new apartment. I ran a couple of errands, including dropping off a couple of Connor's finger-painting masterpieces to be professionally framed. Call it a Mother's Day gift to myself. Jeremy purchased a new computer in preparation for his upcoming deployment, which has caused a bit of conflict as he's trying to set it up at the same time I want to blog, and we only have one chair left in the house. I won.

The biggest development today, however-- and you have no idea how incredibly relieved and excited to be able to say this-- but today marks the third consecutive day of no GI issues for Connor. Perhaps our long, long, LONG saga of troubles in that area is at an end.

I am beyond ecstatic about this-- a solid uninterrupted six weeks of parenting a toddler with explosive diarrhea will do that to you. I even, because I am totally weird, composed a spontaneous rhyming poem in very bad taste. Here you go.

An Ode To A Regular Toddler

If I never ever ever see
Another diaper of the liquidy
Kind I will eternally
Be overjoyed.

My son has single-handedly
Kept a diaper company
Afloat in this economy
And well employed.

Dung in my hair unbalanced me
I've lost hold of my sanity
Composing poopy poetry
My carpet is destroyed.

I dance about in giddy glee
A return to regularity!
I'll record it for posterity
My son will be annoyed.



Sweet Lorraine said...

Dahahahaha. My sister is awesome. Poop poetry for the win.

Sweet Lorraine said...

Also, sorry we haven't talked on the phone in.. forever. Every time lately that you've called, I've been in class, at work, or otherwise indisposed. I'll do my best to remember to call you tomorrow.

Lin said...

Is it kind of like:

What does not kill me just makes me smellier??

It's good you could maintain your sense of humor for so long. :)

Lucas'Mommy said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh...

Julia said...

Does Parents Magazine have a poetry section? I suggest you submit it. That would definitely be a sympathetic audience! I bet you're feeling literally wiped out.

Ellen said...

I think that I shall never see
A thing so lovely as a pee
When it follows
Days of a poop spree

I agree
Poop poetry
Fills me with glee

Kelsey said...


Anonymous said...

And who else could write an Ode to Poop so well. LOL.

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