Monday, May 11, 2009

I Live!

I'm am feeling much, MUCH better today, thankfully. Yesterday's food poisoning incident has left me none the worse for wear, though I will not be going anywhere near pork carnitas for a long, long time.


Connor had physical therapy today, and he's got some new shoes! The little guy's feet are tilted out, and so he wears ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) to help correct the problem. Today we got some shoes to fit over his AFOs so he can wear them around town instead of just while standing. These shoes are pretty cool-- they hinge open at the back so you can get the stiff AFO inside. We hadn't bought any ourselves because they are seriously expensive-- especially for something he's going to outgrow in fairly short order-- but Connor's therapy had a donation of a pair, and they fit the little guy perfectly! Their only downside is that they make Connor's feet look enormous. Also he refuses to stand up while they are on, which kind of defeats the purpose. He'll get used to them eventually.

We've also decided that once Connor has his g-tube replaced with the sleeker and closer to his body Mic-Key, we'll be getting him a walker! This is a seriously exciting development. Today Connor stood and supported himself at a table on his arms with no help for several minutes: an incredible achievement for a kid with his kinds of physical challenges, and far beyond original expectations for him. We'll start off with a walker that gives him a lot of support, and slowly get him used to the idea of moving himself. It's a fantasy of mine that when Jeremy gets back from deployment, Connor and I will be able to walk up together to meet him. It's a dream that once seemed completely out of reach, but now it doesn't seem so impossible.



Lin said...

Don't give up the dream, Jess. Connor may surprise you both. He always does. :)

Julia said...

How exciting! I agree with Lin. He's exceeded every "realistic" expectation you've had, so go with the dream. I'm sure it'll be long, hard work for everyone, but it'll happen.

txmoabite said...

wow - that's great he's standing so well. glad to hear you're feeling better! (and happy belated mothers day!)

Michelle said...

Been away for a few weeks and, wow, have I missed a lot! (Okay, minus the food poisoning and homeless kitty.) So glad to hear of all Connor's good news: no more seizures, ABR, standing up (whoo-hoo!) and the coolest shoes EVER! Happy belated Mother's Day!

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