Monday, May 18, 2009

We're On The Downslope!

Our Internet will be set up on Thursday, so in the meantime I'll be posting from Jeremy's lap top in the apartment complex office, which has wireless Internet. No pictures 'till I have my own computer back, though. Sorry!

The U-Haul move went well, except for a couple of snags, such as the fact that my table was completely scratched up because we forgot to use the furniture pads. I wasn't very happy about that. Otherwise, we got all of the big pieces moved in and are just finishing up the small stuff. Hopefully we'll be completely done by Thursday or so.

The cats are doing okay. Well, half the cats are doing okay. Loki, our fuzzy bounding optimistic ball of enthusiasm, had no problems. A move is an ADVENTURE! It might involve new people with good things to EAT! New exciting cabinets to explore! New blinds to shred! The possibilities are endless!

Cricket, on the other hand, is another story. I was unaware that our cat knew so many swear works, but despite the language barrier we're pretty sure she has a larger obscene vocabulary than many of Jer's military buddies, and she's been using the full repertoire for the last two days. This move was NOT her idea, and she would have been much happier had we left her back at the old house and just stopped by every day to drop off food. The cats are locked in our bedroom at the moment while we get the rest of the house set up, and Cricket has responded to this indignity by completely cutting off access to all of our clean clothes. She's set herself up in the middle of the closet and responded with a hissing, spitting, screaming denial whenever we attempt to get anything out of there. Oh-- and Loki isn't allowed within ten feet of her without her going for his face. She's slowly calming down and actually is allowing me to pet her now, but she still is spending most of her time in the back of the closet. Poor cat.

Connor has adjusted remarkably well-- he slept through the night Saturday and last night, and he seems to be largely unaffected by the move. We're really happy about that.

Oh, and that gigantic pile of books? I've spent the last two days alphabetizing the whole giant pile and further dividing it by subject, so we may not have any pictures on the walls or any lighting in our bedroom, but by golly we've got a library, which is the important thing, right? Glad we've got our priorities straight.



Julia O'C said...

You haven't posted in a week and i"m starting to worry!!! Hope all is well.

Sweet Lorraine said...

Connor's Aunt here, reporting that all is well with Jess and crew. Despite her internet provider's promise of service by last Thursday, there's some sort of nonsense about the wrong router being delivered 3 hours away and all sorts of stuff which I'm sure will make for an amusing explanation by my sister. Eventually. When they finally get the internet figured out.

Lora said...

I'm with you, the books are very important! LOL. So glad to hear that Connor is adjusting well, that is wonderful. Hope the kitties get it together too.

Julia O'C said...

@Sweet Lorraine - thank you for the update!

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