Monday, May 4, 2009


No seizures today, thank goodness. Thanks everybody, for the prayers and well-wishes. Hopefully Connor stays seizure free!

The little guy had his renal ultrasound today. I got to watch up on the screen. I've seen a good portion of the insides of my son through ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, etc, and while these things have become pretty routine, every once in a while I'm struck by the sheer beauty of the human body. The blood flow through a kidney looks like the spreading branches of a tree. It's pretty neat to watch.

Anyway, we won't know the results of that scan until the doctors take a look at it. Thus far we've determined that the kidney hasn't, I don't know, exploded or something. This is good.

One other piece of good news-- I got a call from the hospital this afternoon. They had a cancellation in their ABR schedule, and since I'd put Connor on the cancellation waiting list, our ABR has been bumped up from June 30 to tomorrow morning! We should have some answers about whether or not Connor's hearing has deteriorated further by the end of that test. I must admit I'm a little bit paranoid about putting him under sedation while he's having his seizures, but if he's going to have them anyway, he might as well have them in the hospital. They just barely put him under for the ABRs-- it takes about ten minutes total to wear off, so the risk isn't very great, and if he does have one, the anesthesiologist is right there, and I'll let someone else do the rescue breathing for a change.



Julia said...

He's so darned cute!

Julia O'C said...

I'm glad that Connor was seizure-free yesterday. I'll add damage-free kidney and hearing loss to Connor's prayer list.

Julia O'C said...

UGH!! I meant to say,"NO FURTHER hearing loss..."
I am not praying for your son to lose his hearing entirely, promise.
I need coffee.

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