Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Which Connor Is An Official Solid Food Eater!

No more seizures today, thankfully. I'm really, really tired of the kid trying to die on me; I wish he'd cut it out. I've done mouth-to-mouth way more times now than anyone who's not qualified as an EMT should be allowed. I told Connor yesterday after he conked out on us that he'd filled his quota for the year. Hopefully he'll take it to heart and quit it.

Enough depressing talk. I have a fantastic announcement to make: Connor is officially a solid food eater! Today at speech therapy he ate an entire Anna's Almond Cinnamon Thins cookie and a couple of bites of cheeto! The cookies are really thin and they dissolve easily in your mouth-- and they have a strong flavor, which is important for Connor. While he still doesn't chew, he did actually break off a couple of bites of cookie himself, which is really exciting. He also took a couple of sips from a straw sippy-cup, something he's never done before! It was one of the ones that you can squeeze to get liquid to come out, and while he didn't suck on it he did close his lips on the straw and swallowed what I put into his mouth.

I'll have to go out and get a couple different flavors of the cookies and some other easily-dissolving foods to try. It may not be tomorrow though, partially because I don't really want to be out at the store during the last-minute-present-buying zoo and partially because Connor seems to have come down sick. This evening he's been really fussy and is having some pretty nasty stomach trouble; he might have picked something up in the nursery yesterday or maybe when we were up at the hospital for Jer. At any rate we're going to take it easy, and we'll have to miss Christmas Eve services, unfortunately. We probably don't need to be spreading germs along with peace and goodwill towards men. I'll have to curl up with the Good Book and read the Christmas story to Connor as a substitute. Oh well.



Kristin said...

yay solid food!!! Gerber makes some good baby cheetos that you can eat without chewing. :) one or two mushes with the tongue and they're gone. I think they have a tomato based flavor that pretty strong. Good job, Connor!

J. said...

gerber also makes some little wheels shaped crackers that have a strong cheese flavour.

Connor your mom is right, that is enough seizures for awhile, keep breathng kiddo!

Niksmom said...

What a wonderful Christmas present! I remember the joy the first time my Nik ate solid food; it's been a long journey to get there. We needed the strong flavors, too. One thing I found that Nik liked a lot is ginger snaps. They dissolve well and the taste is nice and strong. And yummy!

Sorry he's sick again, too. Wishing a speedy recovery.
And wishing you, Jeremy & Connor a Christmas full of joy and many blessings.

MFA Mama said...

Yay Connor! Gerber Puffs, heck yes. They dissolve really easily and are pretty tasty (um...a friend told me...I would NOT eat my baby's snack food). Very exciting news there and absolutely, no more seizures in '09!

Lora said...

You are such an incredible mom! We all have our own issues but mine seem so minute compared to what you are coping with. Hats off to ya!

Anonymous said...

"I'll have to curl up with the Good Book and read the Christmas story to Connor as a substitute."

Not such a bad trade-off.

Blessed Merry Christmas to your family!


Julia O'C said...

Happy Christmas, McGuffey Family!!

Katy said...

Charlie likes strong tastes too--anything with garlic is right up his alley.

Ellen said...

That is scary about the seizures, I hope today was seizure-free too. And that is awesome about the food. It's funny, Max also likes food with lots of flavor, like Thai soup. I am especially impressed with the sipping, Max is still working on that.

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