Saturday, December 12, 2009

In Which We Think About The Move

I mowed the lawn today at the new house. While I was out there three people stopped their cars, rolled down their windows, and told me how happy they were to have new neighbors and that they hope we'll move in soon. I can't believe we found such a great neighborhood to live in! Since the house we bought was one of only three houses for sale in all of Puyallup that would have met our needs (with remodeling) it's pretty incredible that we ended up in such a great area.

We received some more fantastic news about the house; a lot of the furniture is being donated too! This is extremely exciting as Jer and I currently have, for a couple that's been married nearly six years, an astonishing lack of furniture. Or at least an astonishing lack of furniture that will work with a wheelchair and is not composed entirely of MDF-coated chipboard. With 1,000 more square feet of living space we've got plenty of room to fill; though I have no doubt that with my thrift store shopping habits I could pretty quickly change that. I can't wait to see the way things turn out!

We've decided that even if the house is done by Christmas we'll take an extra month to move in; that way we won't be rushed, and Connor will have the chance to get used to the new space. He doesn't handle change very well.

We went Christmas shopping today with the little guy, and the mall has these gigantic Christmas trees up with red and silver balls all over them placed about every thirty feet or so down the main corridor. Every time we'd walk past one of these trees, Connor would go totally nuts.

"Ball ball ball! Lights! Want want!" Then he'd start waving his arms around in excitement and screaming like crazy. For. Every. Tree.

We did not linger at the mall.



xraevision said...

You are brave to venture out to the mall at this time of year. I always try to avoid it, but am failing miserably!

Isn't it fun to watch children begin to enjoy the holidays? I used to despise Christmas and swore I would never do the whole Santa thing . . . until our little X man came along. We spent his first Christmas at the hospital, and having mini concerts by high school students and visits from Santa almost every day during December sure did break up my long days in the pediatrics ward and bring me some relief.

I'm really enjoying your home renovation stories and photos. I can't wait to see the finished house, complete with real furniture!

MFA said...

Awww Connor, lol. It's so CUTE when it's not MY child :P

Congrats on the furniture. Y'all deserve good things and it makes me happy to read that good things are in the offing for you and your fabulous new house!

On an unrelated note, my best friend in the world lives in Puyallup and would love to meet you if that's not terribly weird. I've known her for ten years and promise she's harmless!

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