Monday, December 28, 2009

In Which Jer Provides Endless Hours of Amusement To The Populace

Here's a quick blurb that I forgot to mention about yesterday's workout but that I thought I'd share with you all.

As Jeremy and I were sitting on the bikes, pedaling happily away, two boys who were probably around ten years old walked around the corner and saw us. They stopped dead in their tracks and stared at Jeremy.

"Is that your wheelchair?" one of them said.
"Yep!" Jer replied.
"And you work out?"
"WHOA!" said the kid, his eyes wide in amazement. Then his buddy elbowed him and they kept going.

I'd like to see that kid discover wheelchair basketball, but then I don't know if his little heart would stand the shock.



leah said...

I love it! Kids are too funny sometimes. I think you guys just turned his little world upside down, lol!

beauty obscure said...

Have you seen the documentary 'murderball'? About wheelchair rugby!

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