Saturday, December 19, 2009

In Which I Have An Early Christmas!

We had a fairly quiet day today. While we went out for a couple of hours around lunch time on a date (our awesome respite care worker Joanna had Connor) Jer ended up with a migraine so we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon at home.

I spent a lot of time listening to my Christmas present from Jeremy-- he gave it to me early, and I'm so excited about it! He got me a NPR radio by Livio. This thing is so cool. I am a total public radio nut; I listen to A Prairie Home Companion and The Vinyl Cafe and The Splendid Table and Car Talk and, well, you get the idea. Unfortunately our apartment doesn't get any reception for my radio shows, so if I want to listen to them I have to drive around other neighborhoods very slowly until they are over.

My new radio gets over 16,000 radio stations, including several stations that only play old time radio shows, which are a personal favorite of mine. I and most fond of the mystery and suspense shows; Connor is very lucky to not be named Lamont Cranston. It's an especially lovely gift because Jer is not a huge fan of public radio but got it for me anyway, knowing that he was condemning himself to listening daily to six hours of back to back episodes of "The Whistler."

That's true love right there!


ellen charge said...

mum LOVED the puarie home companion movie and the cd soundtrack im imagining itd b soemthing ud like to

leah said...

I didn't know such a thing existed! We're both NPR nuts- Car Talk is hilarious. We also like Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, and This American Life. Oh, I might have to buy this thing!

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