Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Which We Find A New Place To Play!

Today after Connor woke up from his nap we drove down to the local YMCA. We'd heard they had a pool with wheelchair accessibility where Jeremy might be able to do some recreational swimming, so we thought we'd check it out. As it turns out, not only did they have two fantastic pools and a hot tub that Jeremy could use, but they also have a number of fitness classes, weight machines, and other exercise equipment that could all be adapted for wheelchair use. To top it off they not only had a toddler pool and a gym that we could use for Connor, but they even had a kid's aquatic class specifically for children with special needs! We bought a membership for each of us on the spot.

Jer is really excited about getting the chance to exercise again, and I'm looking forward to getting some much-needed physical activity too! With the Christmas break coming up I think it's going to be great to have a place where we can take Connor to really work off some energy without having to brave the elements. We had no idea that there were so many resources for those with disabilities available at the Y-- it's not somewhere we would normally think to look, as strange as that may seem. I wonder what other fun places that are wheelchair accessible are out there in our local community that we have yet to explore?

This morning I also got the chance to finally, finally get back out in the yard and pull some more ivy! It's been nearly two weeks since I've had the chance to do some decent yard work, as sad as that is. I thoroughly enjoyed myself; it's amazing how therapeutic it can be to spend a couple of hours ripping vines out of the ground, and it's gratifying to see the progress I've made, even if I've barely made a dent in it (I've still got about 40 feet to go). No doubt the next few years will be spent going back and getting all of the pieces I missed, but that's okay-- I'll eventually get rid of all of it. I also stopped in the house, and they are framing out the fireplace right now! It's really exciting to see all of the progress that's being made-- things are moving right along. I probably won't be able to make it out there tomorrow, I'm hoping that Saturday will be a productive day!



Anonymous said...

I'm expecting to do some much desired yardwork today, too. The forecasters have been repeatedly wrong for some dry weather above 60 and I am hoping today is the day.

Outstanding! Programs at the Y!

Just wondering...there's that children's center that looks like Noah's Ark in Puyallup (Good Sam Hosp). They might have one of those office that has brochure info on local opportunities for people who use wheelchairs.

Happy ivy destruction!

MFA Mama said...

Squeeee for a place the whole family can play this winter! I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that YMCAs offer special-needs swim classes (oh yeah, they mentioned it when I signed my kidlets up for lessons--I mentioned that two of them had some special needs in the context of asking if I could come into the pool with them during the lessons and they very tactfully inquired into the nature of the special needs and volunteered that they offer special lessons for kids who use wheelchairs) and how fabulous is that that Jer can work out with their equipment? I'll bet it's been driving him bonkers as someone who was previously so physically fit and able-bodied not to be able to work out during his recovery; what a treat for all three of you! This has given me The Happy :)

Julia said...

Wow -- great community you live in! Sounds like the Y was quite a find. I hope you all enjoy it.

Lora said...

It is great to know that you have so much available for Connor at the Y, and for you too. Way to go on the progress you've made with the ivy, yard work is therapeutic...since we don't have a yard I have to be creative. Have fun at the Y and happy holidays!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

The Y was a great find! That is so wonderful! I bet all 3 of you will have a great time there this winter.

Way to go with the ivy. Seems like that will be a neverending battle, but at least you are making progress!

leah said...

I love the Y! Our YMCA isn't quite as nice, but they do have an accessible swimming pool, gym, and a host of programs around the holidays. I love their programs and facilities- especially in the winter!

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