Saturday, January 16, 2010

In Which We Go On A Date

Today was Date Day for Jeremy and me.

We have one of these about once a week right now; four or five hours in which we leave Connor with our wonderful respite care worker, Joanna, and venture out into the city to find something to do. Though we occasionally see a movie, go to a festival or museum or some such activity, mostly Jeremy and I end up wandering around a bookstore for a while and then sitting in a coffee shop somewhere side-by-side, reading, holding hands, and drinking some tasty hot beverage. (And yes, we really can spend four or five hours doing this just those two things. We like our books and our coffee shops.)

So this morning the first place we set off for on our date was the new house. We wanted to snap some quick pictures of the craftsmen working on the vent in the kitchen, the millwork around the living room windows, the window seats on either side of the fireplace, and a surprise: gorgeous crown molding in our bedroom! There's Jeremy posing with Jerry Lurz of White Sands Finishing Company, and some of the other guys working in the background. It was pretty inspiring to see such talented artists at work, and we loved getting a chance to meet the people that are gifting us with such an awesome place to live!

After that, we stopped for a little brunch, and then continuing with our break in our usual date traditions we decided not to go to our usual bookstore.

We went to another bookstore across town. Variety is the spice of life, people.


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