Friday, January 22, 2010

In Which Jeremy Takes A Stroll

Great questions, people! I'm not sure how many Jeremy will answer tomorrow, but he'll get to them all eventually!

I spent a good portion of today at the mall, where I found a store with a 90% sale going on, believe it or not. I picked up a really pretty silk dress for three dollars. Now that's what I call a sale! Perhaps I should go to mall more often.

In other news, Jeremy had a meeting with a lymphologist this week. A lymphologist, for those not familiar with the term, is a person in the medical field who specializes in the lymphatic system. At any rate, Jeremy was there to possibly be fitted for some special compression socks to help minimize scar tissue and to keep the swelling in his feet and legs down. Basically they're like knee-high super control pantyhose made out of spandex or lycra.

Unfortunately according to the lymphologist Jer's feet and legs are still too swollen to be able to use the compression socks. So she's going to make up both a lymphatic massage to help increase drainage and also a series of bandages for him to use until the swelling goes down enough that he can fit into the compression socks. Basically he'll look like a mummy from the knees down.

A mummy wearing velcro sandels. No really-- you can't wear closed-toe shoes with the bandages. It'll be like some sort of B horror flick: Ramses Goes To The Beach or something.

He also had a meeting with his physical therapist, and she was highly impressed by how well he's standing and moving around! She told him to be up on the crutches as much as possible, so he took her at her word and when I dropped him off at the gym today, he left the wheelchair in the van and spent his entire workout time without it! It's amazing to see how much he's improved just in the last couple of weeks. He tried to get around using a couple of canes at PT, but it didn't work out very well; he's not stable enough for that. So he's using crutches for now, and preparing for the future by trying to find a martial arts school that teaches the art of cane and walking stick fighting.

That's my husband.



Mary said...

Maybe he can get a cane related to the Penguin's umbrella! I think that would offer a nice advantage in any cane/walking stick sparring matches. >:D

Greymare said...

Clearly, Jeremy really needs to invest in a sword cane.

Julia said...

I'm imagining some sort of James Bond cane, with a dozen lethal gizmos tucked craftily into the shaft. Although I must admit that a sword cane is a little more romantic.

I'm so glad to hear of the rapid progress toward full mobility.

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