Sunday, January 3, 2010

In Which We Have A Lazy Day

Today was officially a Pajama Day here.

You know, where you never change out of your pajamas or fix your hair or put on makeup? You sit around eating things directly out of the can and watching bad television (or in my case, reading books that require absolutely no cerebral involvement whatsoever) while ignoring whatever chores you had to do that day. Chocolate is also usually involved.

Of course, I did end up changing into some actual clothes and making a quick run to the grocery and book stores. But that was only because we were out of milk and books-- both essential to the full Pajama Day experience. You cannot eat cookies without milk.

Anyway, Connor slept in until noon, which was nice because it meant that once I'd gotten up and given him his medicine (through the g-tube so he didn't have to wake up) I got to go back to sleep. I think a lazy day was just what we needed around here after this past weekend's excitement, and I hope we get the chance to experience a few more of them around here in the next week or two. Even the cats got into the act; there they are curled up on Jeremy's feet. Loki is snoring faintly.

Connor starts school up again tomorrow, and we'll be getting back into our usual routine. Let's hope this next week goes a little more smoothly!



Anonymous said...

I didn't know cats could snore.

Praying for boring. Barbara

Julia O'C said...

Shoot. After a day like the one you just had, I would be having a Pajama and Vodka Day. Or maybe just a pajama and hot chocolate day - but I would pretend like there was vodka in there, too. Vodka and Xanax.

I guess it's a good sign that Jeremy is healing well if he can tolerate sleeping cat-weight on his feet?

Katy said...

Pajama days are my favorites. You guys needed one, for sure.

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