Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Which The House Is Coming Along!

I haven't posted about the house in a little while, so I thought I'd show you what exciting things have been happening over there!

With the exception of the cabinet doors and the painting, the millwork is finished now and wow, is it gorgeous! Check out the wainscoting in the living room, entryway and library; it makes a huge difference in the appearance of the rooms. They seem much more elegant and put-together to me. I've posted a "before" shot and a "current" shot of the two rooms so you can see the difference-- sorry for the horrible layout this time. Blogger is not cooperating with me tonight and I don't feel like staying up to fix it. I'll work on it tomorrow.
Other beautiful details recently completed that aren't pictured here include crown molding on the upper kitchen cabinets, new flooring in the laundry room, and a laundry sink cabinet in the same glowing unstained maple as the kitchen cabinets. The new zero-threshold front and back doors have also been added, though as you can see the front door has yet to be unwrapped since it isn't painted or sealed yet. Doesn't the casing above the door look amazing? I wish I had more talent for photography as it looks so much more stunning in person.

Can you believe this is the same house? Currently everything is masked in preparation for painting, you can see the putty (the pink spots) that they used to cover up the miniscule nail holes in the wood and there aren't any doors on the windowseats, but you can get the idea of what the rooms will look like when they are complete. They're moving extremely fast now and hopefully it will only be a few more weeks before we're able to move in! I plan to resume packing next week in preparation for the move-- I stopped because I keep packing things and then unpacking them a day later because I discover I need them. This is not terribly efficient.

Jer got to take a look around the house upright for the first time this week as we brought his crutches with us when we swung by to check the mail. He's spent a lot more time up on his feet in the past few days, and he's stepping up his work out program. We took a spin class together this morning and he was actually able to stand up on the pedals of the bike! I'll have to post a video of him walking on his crutches now so that you can see the amazing difference just a few weeks has made.
Jeremy will be answering more of your questions this Saturday, by the way. As long as there are questions he'll keep answering, so if you'd like him to elaborate on the Predator Breeding Program For The Elimination of Stupid People (PBP for short-- and thanks, leah, for the perfect name) or have any other questions, feel free to leave them either in the comments on this post or on the original post over here. I'm serious, people. Go ask more questions. I intend to have as many lazy Saturdays as possible.


Anonymous said...
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Julia said...

Oooooh, how nice! And Loki and Cricket are going to *love* those window seats in the living room.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

The house looks amazing! It is so exciting that things are really coming together. I bet you cannot wait to get in there.

leah said...

The difference between the before/after pictures is just spectacular! I am extremely envious of your book shelves, by the way.

I'll have to think of more questions. My brain hasn't been very creative lately...

Bonnie said...

Why not T Rex driving tanks? Much cooler than Velociraptors; they seem more like infantry. Velociraptors with bazookas! Can we train them for that?

I'd like to ask Jer for some sci-fi reading recommendations. I usually read fantasy, but I'm discovering old Larry Niven and Heinlein and such. What are your favorite books?

Cathy said...

Oh Jess! The bookshelves! I am having serious envy issues there! This will be so wonderful for you all when it is finished.

T-Rex? Really? He is big and imposing, but 'Raptors are much smarter and more agile. That scares me more than a Tyrannosaur.

Audrey said...

i have a few more questions for Jeremy:
what is walking like for him? what hurts the most and what is the most difficult part about it? in the end, is he supposed to have pretty much all functionality back? i remember Jessie mentioning something about not being able to move the foot sideways... will that remain?
best wishes

Knowledge Safari said...

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