Monday, June 14, 2010

In Which Connor is a Fashion Critic, And Growing Like a Weed

Connor got to wear the first shorts of the year today.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of them; I'm not sure he remembered wearing shorts from last year-- or maybe it was just that he has more vocabulary to ask questions now.  "Pants?" he kept signing.  "No pants?"  I think he was a little confused about going to school dressed in them; maybe he thought he was in pajamas.  Oh well; he got used to them pretty quickly once he figured out that making loud whining noises wasn't going to get him any pants, though periodically he would remind me that I was committing a violation of his personal dress code.  "Connor no pants.  Sad."

Yes, Connor.  Tragic.

He was much more enamored of his spiffy new tie-dye T-shirt, which he made with some help at school.  Isn't he adorable?  He loved the bright colors and he kept staring down at himself and looking at himself in the mirror.  Clearly he approved of the addition to his wardrobe, even if it doesn't have long sleeves.  Oh well; one can't have everything.

Who knows how long it will fit, though; the kid is growing like a weed!  At his neurology appointment on Friday (where they upped his medication again, by the way) he weighed in at 31.2 pounds; which puts him officially on the growth chart!  This is a first for him; he's never actually made it up to the chart before-- usually he's somewhere way below the bottom of the curve.  He is now in the 10th percentile for weight/age.  Awesome!  Unfortunately I didn't catch what his length was; I'll have to measure him tomorrow and see.  Our biggest concern is keeping him proportional; I could care less how small or large he is so long as he's an appropriate weight for his height.  I secretly hope he doesn't shoot up too quickly, though.  In some ways him being smaller would be a lot easier for us as he gets older because he'd be easier to carry, but we'll just have to see how he grows.  If he ends up being six feet tall than I won't have to go to the gym any more because I'll have my very own home workout.  I'll have arms of steel!

Grow Connor grow!



Kristin said...

and that with his "starving" last week! I'd say that's awesome! Way to grow, CONNOR!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Connor look dashing! Land's End has some super cute tie-die shirts for boys - some with long sleeves! Though you're so creative, I'm sure you could make even better ones.

I LOVE that picture of Connor!!

j o'c

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I love the picture - he is just so darn cute!

The issue with the shorts cracks me up. He has no trouble letting you know what he thinks, does he?

So thrilled to hear about Connor's growth. I agree with you about weight for height - that is our goal with our daughter too. Of course, she probably is going to be 6 ft tall since she is already more than half my size at age 2 1/2 (of course I am only 5ft tall, but still!).

xraevision said...

My son doesn't quite understand shorts either, and demands pants until I adequately reassure him that shorts are socially acceptable - hilarious!

Fantastic news that Connor is ON the growth chart!

Julia said...

He looks great! And good news regarding growth.

Ben was also distressed by his first shorts of the season -- quite awhile ago now; we've already had a hot spell or two. (In fact, excessive sweating on Saturday may have been what did in our CI headpiece; we're experiencing technical difficulties.)

Geetha Srinivasan said...

its nice to read about Connor's fashion statements :)
BTW we are having opposites here. While Connor is way below the chart and catching up, Sripathi is way above the chart, the ped has to attach an extra sheet of paper to mark is growth ;)
And I'm already having home workout!

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